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1-CCSC1806 Tennie Two Step (With Foot Brush Attachment)

Tennie Two Step (With Foot Brush Attachment)

The perfect addition to your Tennie Two-Step. This brush attachment will allow you to "BRUSH" away any excess surface lodged in your tennis shoes. The aluminum frame and replaceable, long-lasting polyethylene bristels will give you years of trouble-free use.
1-CCSC1801 Tennie Two-Step (Without Brush Attachment)

Tennie Two-Step (Without Brush Attachment)

Now there is a way to keep carpets, shoes, and pathways cleaner. The Tennie Two-Step is simplicity itself. It is a polyethylene basin containing two perforated rubber panels. As players rock back and forth, jets of water are forced through perforations, flushing deepley embedded Har-Tru from the soles of players' shoes. The result; pro shops and walkways stay cleaner, as do players' cars and homes. Tennie Two-Step's simple, effective design and durable construction ensure that it will ramain a long-lasting, dependable means of keeping paths and carpets clean. The Tennie Two-Step is made of UV...
1-CCSC1807 Tennie Two Step Replacement Brush Attachment

Tennie Two Step Replacement Brush Attachment

1-CCSC1803 TreadBlaster tread washing shoe cleaner

TreadBlaster tread washing shoe cleaner

This unique new shoe cleaner has high force, concentrating nozzles that shoot crossing jets of water into the soles of your shoes, thoroughly cleaning out all Har-Tru in just 5-10 seconds. The TreadBlaster typically uses one quart of water per cleaning and has side towers that prevent any significant over-spray that could wet shoes, clothing or legs. It doesn't require any electricity but does need a standard 3/4" garden hose with pressure of 30-60 PSI (pressure reducer valves are available for higher pressures). The unit can be attached to any solid, level surface using the included mounting...
1-CCSC1802 Har-Tru Shoe Brush

Har-Tru Shoe Brush

The Har-Tru shoe brush can be attached to the sidewalk or left free standing. The softer upper bristles dust off the upper portion of the shoe while the stiffer lower bristles scrape topping from the soles. The base is made of heavy duty carbon steel. The Shoe Brush is easily cleaned with a hose or soap and water
1-CCSC1804 Scrusher Shoe Brush

Scrusher Shoe Brush

On duty around the world outside utility garages, feed lots and anywhere boots get extra muddy! Utility Scrushers replaceable poly-bristle side brushes are extra-tough, and so are the 3 bottom brushes, with nylon bristles. Extra heavy duty steel frame. 9 1/2in. x 9 1/2in. x 9in.H. U.S.A.
1-CCSC1805 Court Maid Shoe Brush/Grate

Court Maid Shoe Brush/Grate

After introducing the Court Maid last year, we have made a few changes to this popular product. The powder-coated, all-aluminum frame is designed to be installed at the gates and exit points of your Har-Tru courts. Court Maid is fantastic for cleaning tennis shoes and trapping tha Har-Tru within its collection basin before it can be tracked into clubhouses, locker rooms, and cars. The brush unit on top lifts off for easy removal of the accumulated Har-Tru. Simply, hose-off your Court Maid from time to time to clean. This product is available in black or green. Please be sure to make your...

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